HDLU Museum, Zagreb

Throughout April and May in the Gallery HDLU in Zagreb (Croatia) there will be over 150 photographs on display by renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh, one of the world’s most famous photographers. The displayed works, which Lindbergh will arrange himself in Zagreb, are taken from two of his individual art series Images of Women and The Unknown, which gave the name to the exhibition. >This is Lindbergh’s first art exhibition in this region of Europe since 1998, which was displayed in Vienna, and will be one of Lindbergh’s only full exhibitions in Europe this year. “In Zagreb I will present a selection of work from two series of photographs taken earlier on in my career. These are photographs from the series ‘Images of Women’, which defined and created a new concept of femininity in the late 80’s and 90’s, while the second component will feature photographs from the ‘The Unknown’ opus in which human beings, the subjects of the photos, are exposed to fears they haven’t met before, in which everything is fictional…” briefly announced Peter Lindbergh about the content of his exhibition in Zagreb. Even though he is celebrated as one of the world’s most prestigious photographers, to this day this fashion visionary does not fall into the conventional description of photographers. Lindbergh’s start and journey as a photographer truly was different, because unlike many of his colleagues, he didn’t know from the beginning that he wanted to be an artist and a photographer. Instead, Lindbergh’s journey was marked by a variety of odd jobs until he first connected with a photo camera in his thirties. Peter Lindbergh’s exhibition in Zagreb will be displayed across all of the Home of Croatian Artists spaces – the PM gallery, the PRSTEN gallery, and the BACVA gallery. As well as photographs, one part of the exhibition will feature a video installation which the artist himself, being inspired by the architecture of the gallery, will accommodate exclusively for his Zagreb exhibition! This video component to Lindbergh’s works sets the exhibition in Zagreb apart from his other showings in the past and in the coming years.