7 Era-Defining Peter Lindbergh British Vogue Covers

by Ben Evans, July 2019 (United Kingdom)

Peter Lindbergh’s September 2019 cover is the latest in a line of landmark covers dating back over 30 years. Whilst by no means British Vogue's most prolific cover photographer, all his images have nevertheless been era-defining. Populated almost entirely by supermodels (with the exception of a certain rock star's daughter), they each adhere to Lindbergh's signature "unvarnished" aesthetic that delights in natural beauty and the personality behind the face. Here, we run through the magnificent seven that preceded Lindbergh's latest blockbuster. JANUARY 1989 Peter Lindbergh's first British Vogue cover traded on 23-year-old Linda Evangelista's natural beauty (as styled by hairstylist Julien d'Ys and make-up artist Stéphane Marais) against the bewitching glamour of a Rifat Ozbek look, bathing her in beautiful natural light. NOVEMBER 1989 Striking the tricky balance between humour and chic, Lindbergh captured Tatjana Patitz in ~~Vivienne~~ Westwood tartan at Paris' Café de Flore, with a canine friend brought along for good measure. JANUARY 1990 One of the most iconic covers in ~~British~~ Vogue's 103-year history, the magazine's first issue of the 1990s set the tone for the decade. Coming after the big hair and overt glamour of the Eighties, its undone influence extended beyond fashion into popular culture when George Michael took Naomi, Linda, Tatjana, Christy and Cindy from their Giorgio di Sant'Angelo tops and Levi's jeans from SoHo in Manhattan to various states of undress in his legendary Freedom! '90 music video. The circle was made complete as three of the quintet of quintessential supermodels sauntered down Gianni Versace's autumn/winter 1991 catwalk lip synching to Freedom! '90, committing every contributor firmly to fashion folklore. MARCH 1990 Ushering in the first new fashion season of the decade, Lindbergh's March 1990 cover, with Helena Christensen in a Liza Bruce column dress leading a white horse across the sands, ~~semaphored~~ the fresh new era of undone beauty. "For me, it’s really about storytelling," explains Lindbergh. "A narrative changes everything." SEPTEMBER1990 A dramatic, fashion-free cover lets one of the faces of the 1990s take centre stage as Jade Jagger (dramatically macquillaged by Stéphane Marais) shows to full effect the feline eyes and pillow lips she so fortunately and famously inherited. JANUARY 1992 Here, Eva Herzigová, Beverly Peele, Petra Lindblad, Claudia Mason and Nadja Auermann form a stunning, Armani-clad coterie of ravishing personalities, proving Lindbergh a ~~master~~ of the group composition in the process. SEPTEMBER 1992 Lindbergh's most recent British Vogue cover to date, for September 1992 Linda Evangelista took a turn as a New York City cab driver in a double-breasted pinstripe waistcoat with chunky silver jewellery by the American ~~designer~~ Jacqueline Rabun and punched driving leather gloves.